7D Sekhmet The Mighty Candle

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This candle is for omni potent healing, protection, and the dispelling of disease by the power of Sun. Sekmet is the Egyptian goddess of the sun, war, destruction, plagues, and healing. She is one of the oldiest deities and one of the most powerful. She is also a master of the art of medicine as she provides the cure to various ailments she may have brought to man. She is the patron goddss of all healers and physicians.

Directions: Write a clear and specific intention for yourself. Place this intention underneath the candle. Knock candle on table three times and light the wick.

Let the candle burn as you meditate on your intention. Allow it to burn all the way down bringing your intention into fruitiion. If you need to put the candle out, snuff it but never blow out the flame. Blowing will cause the work to be blown away.

Candle includes PRAYER FOR SEKHMET.

Candle infused with chamomile and a tibetan singing quartz. This is anointed with authentic Egyptian essential oils. 

Size: Candle28