Sekhem Khrem Level 1


Sekhem-Khrem, which is named for the Egyptian warrior goddess and divine healer Sekhmet, channels an ancient energy from the Sirius, Orion and Lemurian star systems. This energy, which helped create humankind as it is today, is considered the source of energy that streams to our universe, and it is believed that the people of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis were able to channel this energy using the original form of Sekhem to bring their civilizations to their peak.

After the fall of Atlantis and Egypt, it is said that the survivors of these venerable civilizations went to live with other cultures, spreading knowledge of this healing system across the world. As they taught their practices over the centuries, translating them into different languages and cultures, their healing system became buried under layers of related rituals, teaching practitioners to bring the energy to earth through a series of “filters.” This is why there are so many similar types of “healing systems” out there with different names. Reiki and Seichism are both considered branches of this Source energy healing system, but each one transmits a slightly, materially different healing frequency to their patients.