(V) Animal Communication + Telepathy


Have you always wondered what your pet is thinking?

The animal kingdom communicates through frequency transference that we call ESP (extra sensory perceptions) and common signals.

  • Pheromones—chemicals
  • Auditory cues—sounds
  • Visual cues
  • Tactile cues—touch

By learning to or improving your telepathy (nonverbal communication), you can ensure a clear understanding of what is on an animal’s mind. And by engaging with the animal through the signals that they use,  you will learn to relay your messages efficiently. 

In this course, lead by Chloe Hudson, we will cover the subtle art of frequency reading. And you will practice receiving the nonverbal communications that the animal kingdom shares.

This communication style can also be applied to all telepathic communications. This includes connecting with the plant kingdom and nonverbal infants.