Intuitive Soul Advancement

Welcome the launch of Intuitive Soul Advancement Certification. Level 1

This certification is my magnum opus. You will reap the benefits of my 17 years of metaphysical training. Please! Learn from my mistakes. Gain insight into the world of healing trauma, shadow work, psychic access, emotional intelligence, just to name a few.

The required prerequisites for this course have, by now, given you clear indications of how this certification will expand your repertoire within the healing arts and metaphysics. Your human has so much magnificence. You have the potential to access far more of your abilities than any of the controllers would ever want you to know is possible. These senses are your birthright.
No doubt that you know by now that we are in a mad dash to access of sovereignty and hold our ground as Spirit manifest in the flesh.

Shadow Work is a requirement for Self-Realization and Emotional Freedom. This is a layered process.
Using Emotional Excavation Techniques, we will expand on your ability to free yourself and others of energetic bondage that is prevalent in all people.

We will discover the origin points of trauma and heal this through soul recall and integration.

24 hours and 22 hours of practicum, outside of class hours, to include practice sessions, receiving and giving feedback.

Your Final Exam will be to give Chloe a session.

This is a fast track to accessing Intuitive Soul Advancement.

Welcome to A Renaissance of Spirit!
Let’s Create a Spirit Based Culture Together.

Required Prerequisites:

-Dream Interpretation & Astral Projection. Level 1 (8 hours)
(test out option available)
-Psychic Self Defense. Level 1 (10 hours)
-Sex & Relationships. Level 1 (12 hours)
-Reading Frequency Signatures. Level 1 (10 hours)
-Reverse Engineering Timelines. Level 1 (8 hours)
-Deprogramming Mind Control. Level 1 (12 hours)

-150 hours of shadow work with a professional facilitator.
If you perceive that you are or at par with a professional facilitator and have done your own self healing, please let me know your experience.
Forms of Proof Required.
(This averages to 1 hour per week for 5 years)

*You must have done the work before you can ethically and efficiently assist others under my certification.*

If you are unclear if your experience is suitable, just ask me.

I do not consider many New Age modalities suitable. You will understand why through the prerequisite education.

Shadow Work is an umbrella statement for hundreds of types of modalities. Here are some, for example:

Intuitive Soul Avancement
Past Life Regression
Emotion Code/Body Code
Emotional Freedom Technique
The Work of Byron Katie
Life Coaching
Compassionate Communication Training
Touch For Health
Psychic Healing
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Chinese Medicine
Transcendental Meditation
Healing Retreats
12 Step Program
Metta Buddhism
Silent Retreats
Mind Control Deprogramming
Myofascial Release
Trauma Work
Sound Therapy

Depending on how much shadow work you have done, this Certification and requirements brings you to 334 hours.

Modalities used: ESP, Astral Projection, Metaphysical Theory, Shadow Work, Lecture