Tarot and The Tree of Life

In this 8-week certification course, learn the Tarot the way it was intended as it was created. ⠀

Jashmine will teach the tarot using the Qabbalistic Tree of Life as a foundation and key for understanding the most misunderstood deck of cards in history.⠀

The Tarot is not merely a tool for divination. But when it is learned in relationship to the Qabbalistic Tree of Life it can be a method to discover and uncover pathways to God and Yourself. ⠀

1. History of the Tarot + Tree of Life⠀
2. Major Arcana 1-10⠀
3. Major Arcana 11-22⠀
4. The Fools Journey + Astrological Correspondences⠀
5. Minor Arcana 1-6 + Deep Dive Tree of Life⠀
6. Minor Arcana 7-10 + Deep Dive Tree of Life⠀
7. Court Cards⠀
8. Reversals + Spreads⠀

Prerequisite: Unfoldment Series : Elemental Magic
Required Material: Rider Waite Tarot Deck⠀