Western Astrology 101

Everything in your natal chart is a gift if you can understand the wisdom it wants to bestow upon you. Learn to read your natal chart, zodiac archetypes, and planetary energy in an empowering way. You are made up of all these energies. Apply astrology in your whole life, mind, body, spirit and soul expression. You are star-powered!

Chart Fundamentals. Discover all 360° of your chart, including planetary symbols, house/angle placements and their representations in your life. Understand the stories of each of the glyphs and symbols so you can easily recognize and distill their wisdom. 

Zodiac Archetypes. Learn the spectrum and relationships of all the Zodiacs in empowering (no-fear mongering ways). Easily learn to group Zodiacs into polarities, modalities and elements so you can more quickly understand the similarities and differences between each archetype.  

Your Three Pillars. Harmonize your 3 primary energies so you can vibrate with more resonance in your life. Understand your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs and placements for further insight into your core frequencies. We spend our life time elevating these frequencies, our work is never complete. Bonus: Discern your soul’s path with your Lunar nodes. 

Direct Your Abilities. Integrate your core strengths and motivations by understanding your personal, social and collective planet sign and placement in your chart. These energies in our chart add depth of flavor to our core frequencies. Bonus: Awaken your inner Goddess asteroids. 


  • Empower your self-actualization and knowledge through your star-powers
  • Learn the core fundamental details of astrology in an an easy-to-understand way
  • Build on your astrology knowledge from a full spectrum of mind, body, spirit, and soul expression
  • Understand the full spectrum of zodiac archetypes in a non-judgemental, non-fear mongering way 

You should attend this workshop to (re)discover your star-powers in an inspiring and empowering way. Everything in your natal chart is a gift. This course will lay the foundation in your astrology journey of soul fulfillment and wholeness so you can build your aligned life with your unique design. The fundamentals you learn here will help you with future astrology workshops.  

Materials: slides and videos provided

  • Chart Fundamentals – See your natal chart in 360°
    • Natal Chart in 360°
    • Intro to the cosmic symbols
    • Intro to the house system
    • Create your natal chart
  • Zodiac Archetypes – Empower all your energies
    • The 12 Archetypes
    • Elements
    • Modalities
    • Polarities 
  • The Three Pillars - Integrate your core strengths 
    • Sun Sign - create your opportunities to radiate
    • Moon Sign - trust your intuition
    • Rising Sign - lead your life
    • Bonus: Lunar Nodes
  • The Planets and Planetoids - Direct your abilities 
    • Personal Planets and their rulerships
    • Social Planets and their rulerships
    • Collective Planets and their rulerships
    • Bonus: Goddess Asteroids 
  • The 12 Houses – Chart your life
  • Planets in the Houses - Live out your life
  • The Major Aspects - Combine your energies
  • Other Cosmic Players - Discern your direction