Mellowist is one of the longest running social media accounts dedicated to succulents, cacti, and plant life in general. Founded by DJ Aleman, who has deep roots in the action sports industry (with over 20 years at Nike, Hurley, DC Shoes, Billbong, & Rip Curl), Mellowist is DJ's escape; helping him unplug from the system, and be present in the moment. Aimed at a community of like-minded people, Mellowist is a mind state: hands in the earth, head in the clouds. It's how one studies the Tao of Plants, the teachings that Mother Nature provides through the seasons, including patience, compassion, awareness, and an appreciation for all beings just as they are. Under the Mellowist moniker, he has worked with Kat & Roger, Cryptik, Johnny Clayworks, Shanman Clay Co, Hutch LA, Daydream Surf Shop, Travis Price, Justin Hethcoat, & Joe King. The outgoing plant lover is also a record collector, specializing in reggae, funk, & soul. Raised on the island of Oahu, he currently resides in Costa Mesa, California with wife Jessica, son Koah Zen, and their Frenchie, Lola. Check them out here! 

"Rocks That Make You Mellow" is a Jupiter Soundscape retail collaboration with our friends at Mellowist in which our raw crystals are sold and showcased as complimentary allies to our amazing and rare cactus friends. Jupiter Portals are a way for others in our community to hear and know about our accessible wellness platform and to be introduced to all the ways they can achieve self healing.