Our team members

JC Hethcoat

Multidimensional Akashic & Sound Healer
Janelle Corpuz-Hethcoat is a Master Sound Healer, Sekhem Khrem energy healer and the creator/author of Akashic Sound and Multidimensional Healing. In 2019 Janelle along with Antoinette and Trisha, opened Jupiter Soundscape, a community funded healing space, in the heart of her hometown Walnut, CA.

Antoinette Contreras-Patel

Medium, Shaman, Psychic
Antoinette is a medium, shaman, and yoga and breathwork teacher. Her goal as a spiritual healer is to help everyone discover or hone into their spiritual gift in the most informative and playful way. As she says - "Everyone is intuitive...if you don't believe me...come to our space!"

Trisha Perez

Sound Healer & Prosperity Mindset Coach
Trisha practices sound, energy healing and holding sacred space, and any modalities for those who are going through transitions. Currently, she is learning to become a death doula, womb healer, herbal alchemist, Akashic records reader, and more.Her goal is to help facilitate and guide humans in healing and expressing themselves to their truest highest selves for their highest purpose and good and for all.

Our team members

Amanda Padilla

Holographic Sound & Reiki Healer
Amanda is a Reiki practitioner, and a Holographic Sound Healer. My daily practice consists of some sort of movement (dance or yoga), meditation, tarot pulls, and reading my akashic records.Her goal is to support others in learning how similar we all really are, you are never alone. We all have trauma that needs to be healed, we all have the same desires for comfort and love within our lives. Living a fulfilled life with purpose is not only for the chosen few, it is attainable for everyone and it all starts from within. In her healing sessions I offer non-judgmental intuitive guidance and support for ALL.

Jessica Millinder

Yin Yoga, Tarot, And Akashic Records Reader
Jessica is a Yin Yoga teacher and a Tarot and Akashic Records reader and healer. She aims to help reconnect people to themselves, to show them a path towards freedom.

Angeli Caranto

Breathwork & Kundalini Teacher
Angeli’s mission on planet earth is to help heal, uplift, and shift consciousness of humanity through spiritaul practices like kundalini yoga and meditation, music, sound healing, reiki healing, and more. Her compassionate and nurturing presence provides a safe and loving space for all to be who they are, no matter what path they are on. She utilizes her gift of singing and passion for music to raise the frequency of the planet through song, mantra and healing sounds.

Our team members

Carol Corpuz

Yoga Teacher
As a yoga teacher, Carol believes Yoga and meditation practice serves different purposes. Just as we can move the body to heal and build resilience, she aims to help others train their minds to find calm and ease in challenge, helping others gently surrender into any given experience.

Jashmine Corpuz

Healer & Lightworker
Jashmine Corpuz is a healer, light worker, and Ashtanga practitioner. Using her intuitive gifts, she can assist you by tuning into the frequency of your higher self. Jashmine strongly believes in empowering others through the process of healing and self realization.

Loraine Saupan

Yoga Teacher
Loraine is a yoga teacher committed to helping others unlock their inner goddess/higher self.

Our team members

Zaire Black

Breathwork & Sound Healer
Zaire utilizes healing tools (shakers, sage, tuning forks, essential oils & more) to create a healing session that unlocks magical parts of the metaphysic self; it's a powerful active meditation. This method of active mediation is a self exploration in inner connection to intuition and self empowerment.

Josephine Arciaga

Hula & Tahitian Movement Teacher
Join Josephine for a creative movement class that will take you through a journey of your spirit. It will challenge you with technique and uplift you with the true fun of dancing! Every single movement you make will have a purpose to tell a story. These stories will inspire your creative awakening. All levels are encouraged to join from beginners to expert hula dancers alike.

Janeen Augenbagh

Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Janeen believes that each have the power to create and manifest the life we desire. Her classes are self empowering journeys to cultivate your power to manifest the life you desire. Using the technology of Kundalini Yoga to clear blockages and fears, Janeen helps you tap into our creativity and outwardly project our truest self.

Our team members

Joycie Weatherby

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