(S) Applications of Intuition + Ritual Magic


We each stand in our own power called to celebrate our individuality and to remember the magic that runs through us. Sarah is here to guide you into a deeper connection with your intuition and to help you establish a clear connection to the magic that is you.

On day one of this two-day intensive Sarah will guide you on intuitive expanding exercises such as; automatic writing, oracle card reading, visual meditation, guide, and ancestor connection. Each student will have the opportunity to practice these powerful skills and have a chance to discover which path is best for their development.

On day two Sarah will guide you on the process of creating your own ritual magic including; offering preparation, ritual creation, herb work, channeling spirit to affect reality, ceremony creation, and healing with your magic.

Each student will leave with a firm understanding of how to integrate their magic into everyday life as well as the confidence to continue to build their relationship with ancestors, guides, and their higherselves.