Beyond the Veil with Antoinette Patel


Are you interested in understanding your spiritual gifts or developing them? Or are you interested in connecting with Spirits? Beyond the Veil consists of five 60-minute sessions that are uniquely catered to you and directly guided by spirit for your highest and greatest good. You will discover your natural born gifts and identify resistance energies that have prevented you from progressing to your full potential. The sessions may include elements of mediumship, energy work, intuitive guidance and other healing modalities. YOU will achieve confidence and trust within yourself!!!

Some benefits:

Clarity & self-awareness
The ability to connect with Spirit
Identifying resistance and blocks
Self-love & acceptance
Inner peace
Unleashing your limitless self
reaching potentials beyond your current comprehension
Creating abundance
Unlocking your intuition
Developing your spiritual gifts
Increased energy and well-being

This offering is available virtual and online. You will be emailed directly to setup your 5 sessions within 1 business day.