This cleansing kit is perfect for the new homeowner or renter. Each kit is hand picked with ethical and sustainable products to bring you the best results.

Kit includes :

selenite tower - Quiets the mind and provides mental clarity. Protects from negative thoughts and perceptions. Helps one connect with one's guides

sage bundle - Mindfully and intentionally burn sage to cleanse your crystals, space, person, or group of people to rid any low vibrations, energies, or spirits. Hand crafted, ethically, and locally sourced sage by Andrea Edwards.

feather - used to waft the cleansing smoke around the body, around items that require cleansing, around a room, and so on

abalone shell - Abalone shells hold the energy of the ocean, and bring a strong calming, healing energy to your space. Including Abalone Shells in your smudging ritual to catch hot cinders means you are incorporating all four of the earth's elements: the shell represents water, the unlit herbs or sticks represent earth, and the smoke represents air and the lite herbs represent fire

black tourmaline  - Stone for Psychic protection. Wards off negativity and clears residual energy. Helps to ground high vibe energy down to earth 

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