If you're reading this, then I am pretty sure you have experienced Breathwork's life transformation. Now it's your turn to learn to use this simple yet powerful tool to help other people transform their lives. In this teacher training, you will go deep in this active meditation and experience its power for your own healing works. I'll share you what I had learned from some of the leading Breathwork teachers, as well as from my own experience teaching my classes. This is module one of the teacher's training to get the complete certification. You will come out of this class ready to lead your own Breathwork classes.
How to free space inside your own heart to be available to hold space
Tools for shifting your old beliefs and embrace your fullest potential
The anatomy of creating your first group class
How to use grounding tools pre and post class
How to hold space for larger groups
Personal growth exercises
Effective ways to use music and sound to create deeper group experiences
Hands on practices
Breathwork works like magic to me. I'm the type of meditator, who can't have a quiet mind. Only until I found Breathwork that I found bliss. Whether you’re looking to learn a new way to calm anxiety, deal with day to day stress or really go after some blocked emotions and stuck energy, this could be your tool. If you have been curious about this practice, has somewhat experienced its life changing power, and would like to explore more and get into teacher's path, then you're in the right place! Wouldn't you want the key to unlock your full potential in career, relationships, health, wellbeing?