Cut and Protect Box Set


Hone into the power of letting go and stepping into your power with this set.

Black Tourmaline: Stone for Psychic protection. Wards off negativity and clears residual energy. Helps to ground high vibe energy down to earth.

Labradorite: Pierce through the veil of illusory reality. Protects Aura. Aids in powerful transformation. Calms the mind and helps to develop 3rd eye vision.

Amethyst: Stress reliever. Releases anxiety. Helps to find focus and balance of thought. Promotes spiritual growth and protection. Aids in meditation.

Selenite Sword: Quiets the mind and provides mental clarity. Protects from negative thoughts and perceptions. Helps one connect with one's guides.

CUT AND PROTECT Candle: Sever energetic cords to a person or a group of people, toxic situations and ties to the past. It can also be used for those in positions of service to cut and protect them from energetic cords made with customers. 

**Directions: Write a clear and specific intention for yourself. Place this intention underneath the candle. Knock candle on table three times and light the wick.

**Let the candle burn as you meditate on your intention. Allow it to burn all the way down bringing your intention into fruition. If you need to put the candle out, snuff it but never blow out the flame. Blowing will cause the work to be blown away.

**Candle infused with white sage, and amethyst and tourmalinated quartz crystals. This is anointed with authentic Egyptian essential oils. 

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