October 21-25

Quantum Remembrance is a 4 night 5 day immersion at a private healing sanctuary protected by sacred flowing waters, on 10 private acres of forested land. Access the akashic records through the vehicle of crystalline sound and voice at what is known to be the Crown Chakra of planet earth. Mt Shasta has been said to contain access points and gateways to Telos Lemuria; the people of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, living in the fifth dimensional city of Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. The Native Americans have always felt that the mountain was the sacred center of the universe. In many myths they have spoken about it being the home of the Creator. 
We will use the energy of the land and its sacred sites to journey into the Akasha and retrieve information about our pasts, our present, and our future. Utilizing the power of mother earth and the mountain to recall and integrate soul imprint memory, and activate our light body. 

This retreat includes
  • Akashic Sound 1 Certification or practicum hours for Akashic Sound 2
  • Day Journey and Activations at Sacred Sites/Portal Points on Mt Shasta lead by Spiritual Tour Guide
  • Daily Breathwork and Elemental Healing with Zaire Black
  • Private Luxury Glamping experience under the stars
  • All organic breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 nights and 5 days
  • Akashic Sound Journeys to explore and identify soul origin, soul purpose, dimensions of self, relationships, past lives and ancestral healing + 12 strand DNA activation
  • Video/Audio recordings of meditations and lectures

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Only 8 spots available 

  • Early Bird Ends September 20th
  • REGULAR PRICE: $2222
  • Reserve your spot: $444 Deposit (Total Due 30 Days before the retreat)
  • Deposits are Non-Refundable

Financing is available or payment in installments.
Email info@jupitersoundscape.com