Evidential Mediumship, Level 1


Connecting with spirit isn't just connecting with the deceased. This practice teaches you to receive validation and affirmation on your life path of the work you've already been doing. You can be a lawyer, a doctor, an entrepreneur, a parent, yoga teacher, mother, student in college...this will open and strengthen current profession, life path and even more. This is for everyone! Everyone is already working with Spirit!

In this mastery course, you will learn how to receive clear evidential information. One will be able to hone in on your specific way that Spirit and you work together to develop your natural strengths and bring out the abilities that need some attention. We each connect with Spirit in a special way. This course honors this ability, helps you hone it, and teaches you how to maximize it for yourself and others.


1. You strengthen your abilities when working with others
2. You learn how spirit uniquely connects with you.
3. You learn how to turn up, tune-in and manage your abilities
4. You learn how to connect with your personal guides, angels and loved ones
5. You learn how to access spiritual guidance on-demand
6. You learn how to use your abilities to help others
7. You learn how to cultivate financial abundance with your abilities
8. You'll receive validation and affirmation on your life path of the work you’ve already been doing with spirit.


Day 1 - Psychic reading vs Mediumship reading. The foundations and rituals of connecting to receive clear evidential information: Meditation breakdown. What are the "clairs" and how to receive messages? Connecting with Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Deceased Loved ones. Language decoding. Practice exercises.

Day 2 - Boundaries & Protection...and more practice exercises.

Led by Antoinette Patel. This offering is in-person only.


Antoinette Contreras Patel is a spiritual medium and shamanic healer.  Shamanism and the gift of mediumship was passed on through both sides of her ancestral lineage. After discovering this as the reason she possessed the same unique abilities, she began to seek formalized training with some of the best spiritual mediums and energy healers in the state. She believes that God gave her these gifts for a reason, and that reason is to help people achieve their fullest potential and rise to their highest good. Her practice today is dedicated to helping others develop their own spiritual connection or heal from whatever challenges they may be experiencing.