Holographic Sound Healing Level 1



You will learn and experience: Healing the body with Sound + State-of-the-Art Body Rejuvenation! Learn the modern-ancient sound healing techniques to create a positive effect on your spirit and dramatically heal your physical/emotional body.

This healing workshop focuses on accelerating vibrational levels of consciousness using Holographic Sound!

Holographic Sound is the expansion of sound (musical vibration) into it's sacred Geometric, Multi-dimensional, Infinite form. This brings it to a true state of being and creates exponential energy (vibration) beyond third dimensional understanding!

This course is open to everyone! No prior experience is needed. All Crystal Sound Healing Bowls will be provided. Facilitators and Practitioners will find this work enhances their own healing practice!

- The Hathors, An Ascended Civilization

● Egyptian Mystery School Teachings, The Eyes of Horus

● Sound, The Vibration of Creation

● The Mudra of Divine Creation

● The Thirteen Chakras of the Body System

● A Message from the Hathors

● The Unity Chakra System

● The Flower of Life, Holographic Sphere

● The Hologram of Love

● The Thirteen Phase Unity Hologram

● The Frequency of Divine Creation

● Holographic Group Connection

● The Pink/Gold and White Merkaba Disk

● Rotational Speeds

● The Thirteen Phase Unity Merkaba Activation

● Sound and its Effect on the Body

● Multidimensional Clearing with Sound and Color

● About Toning, Experiencing the Effects of Sound on the Body

● Holographic Sound Healing, External Technique

● Holographic Sound Healing, External Technique Graphic

● Body Rejuvenation through Life Force Chakra Breath, the Pranic Body