Holographic Sound Healing 2


Become a Holographic Sound Healing Certified Practitioner.

In this level you will learn

  • Past Life Mastery Retrieval, Clearing, Healing and Soul Retrieval

  • Healing the Body through the Chakras with Sound

  • Healing the Body through the Chakras, Complete Session Application

  • Body Rejuvenation, Life Force Chakra Breath, Complete Session Application

  • Group Healing Process

  • HSH Individual Session Process Outline


  • Learn the Unity Merkaba, The Healing, Balancing, and Ascension Vehicle of The Hathors and other Masters

  • Magnify your ability to communicate with Spirit by learning the spinal sequence method to maintain energy flow.

  • Heal past life experiences by retrieving past life mastery and soul fragmentations.

  • See and sense your body becoming a pathway of Life Force Energy through the “Unity Chakra System”

  • Acquire specific meditation and activation techniques to amplify the vibration of sound for healing, balancing, body rejuvenation, inter-dimensional travel, manifestation, consciousness expansion/ascension, and much more

  • Learn the “Mudra of Divine Creation” for balancing, birthing new energies, and creating and manifesting in your life

  • Heightened your ability to experience and be “present” be in the Now

  • Work in pairs and participate in group healing experiences to apply activation techniques

  • Access physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies for healing and activation through the chakras - the energetic blueprint for balance and health governing all aspects of our bodies.

  • Learn accelerated tonal/ vibrational techniques for internal/external healing and experience the sublime power of “Silent Toning”

  • Enliven your entire body with Sound, Color and Tonal Breath to attain higher levels of consciousness and physical rejuvenation.

  • Expand vocal toning abilities to resonate each of the chakras for healing and energetic shifting.

  • Enhance and magnify powerful energy through the use of crystals and Crystal Gridwork.