Kaílūkuan Combat and Healing Arts


The path of the warrior and healer are two sides of a coin, but western thought tends to compartmentalize them in the belief that they can exist without the other. This leaves these practices polarized far from holism. The reintegration of these ways is the first step on the journey toward self-mastery, enhancing the balance between our inner and outer worlds.

This mastery course is an introduction to the sciences, spiritual practices, and hands-on application of the combat and healing practices of Northern Luzon, brought to us by Manursuro Virgil M. Apostol, a master teacher and founder of Kaílūkuan Combat and Healing Arts (KCHA). This course aims to raise the skills and consciousness of those who are not only dedicated and committed to learning, but also have the patience and humility to "empty their cup" to establish the foundational teachings presented.

In this three week in-studio immersive course you will experience and learn:
* Origins, philosophy, and history of the Kaílūkuan warrior and healer
* Breathwork and Visualization Techniques for Energy/Spirit
* Mantala (mantra)
* An Introduction to Didya Mudgara (Warrior Club Calisthenics)
* The 20 Postures and basic movements of Didya Mudgara
* Introduction to Ablon (Manual Medicine)
* Ablon Seated Therapy Practicum

This is crucial foundational work leading to levels 2 and 3 that introduces more in-depth  teachings on the ways of the warrior and healer.