Beyond the Veil Level 1

$180.00 $222.00

This level 1 in-person course covers the foundation to mediumship and psychic development. It also benefits those who are highly sensitive to spirit but would like more interaction.
We will build essential foundational skills that are required to advance you into more depth with your mediumship skills.

Topics for this course include:
What is mediumship and how to connect to Spirit guides, angels, and passed loved ones.
Creating sacred space
Importance of Meditation for Grounding and Protection
Psychic Protection
Meridian work (also known as Chakras)
Setting boundaries with the spirit world
Spirit identification
Opening to spirit
Breaking the fear to Spirit
Building Confidence in Spirit communication

We will definitely be talking to Spirit and have fun with it!!!

Even if you're just curious about mediumship and want to know more, come join us and you'll most likely get a reading as well!!!

This course if for:
Anyone who wants to discover their gifts as a medium and intuitive.
Anyone who suspects they have mediumship abilities but doesn't know how to use them.
Anyone who wants to tap into their mediumship power to improve their life.
Anyone who wants a safe and supportive environment to build up their psychic development.

Due to in-person protocol, space is limited. Early enrollment is highly suggested.